B.L.E.S.S. is an acronym for Bringing Life through Evangelism & Social Services. It is a social outreach Ministry under SIBKL.  BLESS focuses on helping the underserved communities in Malaysia and Myanmar. The BLESS Ministry is made of BLESS Shop and BLESS Café. These two entities work together to raise funds for the various projects that BLESS undertakes.
BLESS - Background
BLESS began in 1999. A small group of women came together with a common goal - they wanted to reach out to the community in a big way but did not know where to start. Without funding, it was difficult to reach out to the underserved community. So, they started out by rummaging through their own homes to sell personal belongings at flea markets to get the ball rolling. 

Word spread quickly and soon, donations poured in. In 2004 and 2005, when neighbouring countries faced natural disasters, these women rallied and got more donations in. But they did not foresee that storage would become an issue for unsold donations. 
To solve this problem, a generous donor gave Bless Ministry their first shop lot in Tasik Selatan, creating the first full-time BLESS Shop. In the following years, BLESS Shops have surfaced in areas like Midvalley Megamall, Semua House, Ara Jaya (D’Aman Crimson), Citta Mall and Sunway Mas Community Center. 

Through the BLESS Shops, many lives have been touched and transformed – both BLESS volunteers as well as the underserved.
BLESS Objectives

  - To increase BLESS revenues to reach out to larger communities of the needy and marginalised in Malaysia as well as neighbouring countries.

- To increase the number of BLESS Shop outlets throughout Malaysia.

- To increase awareness of BLESS & consequently multiply the number of donations.

- To provide an opportunity for the blessed to bless others through donations and volunteering.

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