Grow and experience your new-found faith in Christ
New Life

NEW LIFE module is to equip new believers in Christ with a foundational understanding of the Christian walk. From experiencing a NEW LIFE to renewal of the mind and walking victoriously in Christ, these lessons make up the first module of DISCIPLESHIP Level 1.

This module is conducted at cell level and request can be made to your cell leader.
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Water Baptism

The WATER BAPTISM module helps New Believers prepare for water baptism. In this module, New Believers will discover the significance and importance of water baptism.
Note: Participants are required to attend a water baptismal class prior to the baptismal event.


Christian Living

CHRISTIAN LIVING is the third module of DISCIPLESHIP Level 1. This module helps New Believers grow in understanding of the Word of God and faith in Christ Jesus. It is a progression of a New Believer's discipleship journey.